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Great Peelers belonging to the History 

Dr.Pierre Fournier

Dr.Pierre Fournier

Dr.Michel Delune

Dr.Michel Delune

Ingredients Undesirable

Ingredients undesirable

Undesirable Allergens used in Cosmetology

All these INCI Ingredients are allowed by Authorities but provoke allergy if found in Cosmetics.

endocrine disruptors

Endocrine Disruptors

They can be found among INCI Ingredients

These substances are very harmful for children, teenagers as pregnant women

3 famous peelers with more than 35 years practise 

the three most famous peelers

Dr.Clara Santos

Dr.Pierre Fournier
Plastic Surgeon,France

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
Facial Plastic Surgeon,Switzerland

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Infos for Patients

  • What is a peeling
  • Who is qualified to realize peelings
  • Peelings Complications
  • How to choose your Cosmetics 

Peelings Schools

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  • For Cosmeticians
  • For Retailers