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Day1-Basis of Chemistry


One Whole Day

30-45 Min
Structure of Atoms. Molecules, Ions,Anions & Cations,Protons & Neutrons

It s important to know these basis of whole chemistry

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
30 Min
Periodic Table of Mendeleiev

Atomic Number and Atomic Mass

Write the formula of H,O,N,Cl . Understand 2n2

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
30 min

Notion of Valence and applications to H,Cl,O,N,S

Write the formulas of H20,H202,H30+,H+,HCl,

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
30 Min
Formulas & Equations

Write the formulas of TCA,citric acid,pyruvic acid,lactic acid,phenol,glycolic acid

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
75 Min
Constants & Variables

Decimal Logarithmic Calculation
Units in w/w;mol/l;w/v;v/w

Ka,Kb,pH,pKa,pKb- Equation of Henderson Hasselbach
Acids & Bases
Reversible Reactions
Strong and Weak Acids

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
60 Min
Acids, Alcohols, Salts

Acids in solution and H30+
Mono,Di and Triprotic Acids
Primary,Secondary and Tertiary Alcohols
Reaction Acid+ Alcohol & Esterification
Hydration and Deshydration
Ex: Retinoic Acid, Retinol,Retinal ,Salts of Retinoic Acid
Ol,Al,Oic for understanding formulas

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
20 Min
Neutralisation,Buffer,Exothermic Reaction

How to neutralise an acid?
What is a buffer or tampon ? Do you need to buffer an acid ?
Exothermic Reaction and Deshydration with some Neutralisations

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
45 Min
Peelings : Definition & Classification of Tenenbaum

Peelings for MD & Cosmeticians
Dangerous Peelings
Aggressive Peelings
How to choose an acid and modulate it : Play with pH and pKa

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
20 Min
Keratoregulators and Moisturizers

pH skin = 5.5
pKa <pH and pKa >pH
Variations of pH with many factors

Dr.Alain Tenenbaum
25 Min
Penetration Factors

Penetration factors allow to transform a superficial peel into a medium one and a medium one into a deep one with
-thermic reaction
- lipoic acid
- decreasing the pH and increasing the concentration of the acid

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