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Day 2 : Anti Aging & Beautification Peelings

  • Safety Rules
    Eyes & Ears Protection
  • What to do and not to do if an acid goes into the eye or the ear
    Emergency Tools
  • Choose your acid in function of the package
    Packaging is so important
  • How to buy an acid or a TCA?
    15 parameters
  • Which acid to choose
  • Indications and Practise
  • Peel Off & Microdermabrasion
  • Skin Desinfection?
  • The desquamation : what is it,when does it appear,how to manage it ,make it longer, and adapted to social eviction
  • All kinds of water when using peelings
    in acids,on the skin...
  • When to hydrate -Moisturizer Peels
  • Pre Peels-Post Peels-HomeCare & SunCare
    Ingredients,Comedogens,Acne Inductors
  • Frosting and Frosting Stopper -Buffering
  • Acids Combinations : how to proceed
    Playing with Combinations
  • Reflexions about TCA+Phenol