Day 3 : Most Used Peelings in Common Pathology

acne peeling

Face Acné


Acné on the Back

Glycolic Acid/Pyruvic Acid 

correction of deccolte hyperchromy with peelings

Light Superficial Hyperchromy

facial plastic surgery and peel

Immediate Post Op Peelings

If you dont rejuvenate the skin after you rejuvenate the face, you will get 2 ages in 1 face ( A.TENENBAUM)

peelings for scars

Peelings for Scars

just after the suture, a peeling should be done to get better and quicker cicatrization with a best quality almost not visible scar.

Peels in Common Pathology


peelings anti age francais

Peelings Anti Age- francais

Infos for Patients

  • What is a peeling
  • Who is qualified to realize peelings
  • Peelings Complications
  • How to choose your Cosmetics 

Peelings Schools

  • For Medical Doctors
  • For Cosmeticians
  • For Retailers