Types of Peels & Classification of A.TENENBAUM

classification of peels of A.TENENBAUM

Histological Comparison Between Deep Chemical Peeling & Ultra-Pulsed CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Botulinum Like effect of TCA/H202 for the upper third of the face


The emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic due to the inevitable use of Protective masks obviously highlights the forehead and the peri-ocular area of ​​the face, and often these are the first areas to be marked and to highlight the signs of time and stress.

The ,,thinker's wrinkle,,, crows feet are some of the words thatare commonly attributed to the wrinkles caused by the dynamic expressions of the face,often accentuated in some people.
In a little more elder age then follows the subsidence of the external areas of the forehead and slowly the eyebrows are ,, getting down,,

Botulinum toxin succeeds with its blocking mechanism  of muscle contraction to counteract mimic wrinkles and at the same time to paralyse the forehead and eyebrow by working on the depressor muscles giving an impression of ,,lifting,,.
But many patients do not accept injection treatments or refuse the inoculation of a substance which is by definition a "toxin".

The application of TCA / H2O2 also allows to obtain very good results,even if it does not completely smooth out wrinkles, but is absolutely not invasive nor expensive, it can be safely proposed to these agophobic or "fearful" patients.

Unlike botulinum toxin, TCA / H2O2 does not interfere with the activity of the mimic muscles. The components of TCA / H2O2 act in synergy:

  1. TCA stimulates fibroblasts by activating the release of growth factors by keratinocytes and propiomelanocortine (POMC), from which a series of peptides originates active derivatives.
  2. H2O2 in low concentration increases the number of fibroblastic receptors and their affinity for growth factors . These actions achieve a partial regeneration of the connective tissue of the dermis, even in the depth of the wrinkle, attenuating its depth.
mechanisms of action of TCA+H202


peelings anti age francais

Peelings Anti Age- francais

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